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Individual Learning pathways - Learning to Learn

Each learner is an individual. Linguarama works with our clients to identify the key areas of training required by each participant and also the approach which is going to help that person learn most easily and effectively.

We help each learner to recognise the way they learn most successfully and to find their own pathway through the range of materials and aides which we offer to help them achieve their goals.

Each learner-centred course with Linguarama integrates learning strategies with the programme.  These focus on helping learners to identify their own learning style and which ways of organising their learning will suit them best.

We look at:

  • Thinking about how you learn - what is your learning style ?
  • Feedback - how to make the most of feedback from trainer, peers and self evaluation
  • How can the Learner-centred approach ensure greater personal involvement and motivation ? 
  • What is Best Practice for learning grammar, vocabulary and communication  skills ?
  • Putting relevant strategies into use 
  • Relating your study to use in the workplace - making your learning practical 
  • Continuing to learn - how can we help you continue as a independent learner after your training - what strategies can we put in place ?

In this way we encourage each learner to become a more independent learner, sharing responsibility for their own learning and helping to shape the form and content of their programme.

For more information, please contact your local Linguarama centre or email webinfo@linguarama.com or call our Client Services Team on + 44 (0) 20 7614 1900 


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