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Blended learning



Blended learning

The Linguarama blended learning programme is designed to:

• Provide a flexible solution for those wishing to develop their language skills quickly and effectively.

• Ensure participants can learn at their own pace.

• Adapt to the learning style of the participant.

• Allow participants to fit the training around their own schedule

Linguarama currently has over 10,000 participants working successfully online to improve their communication skills.  Blended learning programmes, like all other Linguarama courses, are tailor-made to meet specific client requirements.

The Blended Learning Approach

Linguarama blended learning solutions consist of a combination of 5 key components. The components are effectively linked together to ensure added-value and maximum flexibility for the learners in terms of location, timing and content.

  1. Needs Analysis and Initial Placement Test
  2. Online Learning Pathway
  3. Face to Face Training
  4. Online Tutoring
  5. Online Learning Support

The ratio of face-to-face and online learning time we recommended varies according to a number of factors, eg the strategic goals of the client company and how quickly the learner needs to achieve the targets.

However, our experience shows that the ratio of face-to-face learning should not be below 50% so that the important practice of communication in the language is at the forefront of learning.

Blended Learning also gives the participants personalised feedback and allows them to self-evaluate their own language skills.