English for Corporate Communications

Business English for Corporate Communications

Duration: 5 days Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.15

Location: Cheney Court near Bath, UK - course includes full board accommodation and extensive social programme

Address: Cheney Court, Ditteridge, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 8QF

Why should you attend?

In a competitive global marketplace and in the face of increasing business pressures,it has never been more important to communicate effectively with external and internal audiences. Successful communications are increasingly central to the management of an organisation’s reputation in all its forms. Today’s communications professionals and PR managers increasingly need to be able to use spoken and written English competently and confidently. Whether it is to explain ideas and
strategies to stakeholders or to bring staff onboard through a period of change, excellent English skills allow you to communicate directly with your audience ensuring maximum impact for your message.

Turning Theory into Practice

Key in our series of Specialist Group Programmes, this course encourages participants to develop their language skills in relevant corporate communications and PR situations and contexts. The interactive programme is designed to develop and practise the language and skills required to communicate effectively in a range of international business contexts. Our highly experienced trainers ensure that the programme will be based around the needs of the participants, developing language skills through vocabulary development, language analysis, grammar reviews,discussion, role-plays, presentations and frequent group and individual feedback.

Practical language skills will be developed in the following contexts:

  • The Key to Effective PR and Communication Programmes in English
  • How to organise and clarify your message in English
  • Using English language persuasively with colleagues
  • Discussing how to identify your key audiences and understand their needs
  • Using English in the media

Developing Corporate Communications

  • Discussing the elements of a corporate communications programme
  • Dealing with the press in English
  • Role-playing interviews in specific situations e.g. disaster / recovery / crisis
  • Analysing case studies

Effective Media Relations

  • Understanding the media and their needs
  • Taking control of media situations and interviews
  • The key to writing and presenting successful press releases

Crisis Management

  • Anticipating and handling issues and situations in English
  • Crisis and issues management in English
  • Improving external relations and enhancing your organisation's reputation

Practical Application

  • Filmed role plays with analysis and feedback assessment
  • Applying your knowledge through practical case study analysis
  • Building skills to gain the most from effective media relations
  • Individual and group feedback

Language Development

  • Vocabulary for Corporate Communications
  • Grammar clinic
  • Tense Review
  • Fluency development

Benefits to you:

  • Improving your English language skills in a variety of corporate communications and PR contexts
  • Discussing the communication strategy-building process with other professionals and how you can apply it to your communication scenarios
  • Increasing confidence when using spoken and written English
  • Improving key English skills to gain the most from effective media relations
  • Benchmarking your knowledge with other project managers
  • Developing practical corporate communications tools that you can immediately use in all aspects of your role
  • Practising applying your skills with feedback from our trainers and your peers
  • Fast tracking the development of your overall language ability

Who should attend:

Those with responsibility for planning and executing corporate communications and PR campaigns and who wish to advance their practical English language skills in a corporate communications environment.