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In today's global economy, multi-national companies manage assets and financial resources worth billions. As the global economy diversifies, so companies need to become more effective in managing the financial health of subsidiaries in diverse and complex international markets. In addition, global investors carefully analyse quarterly financial reports and companies who communicate improved performance successfully can expect further investment. As the global economy increases its reliance on English as the global language of finance, so CFOs, Financial Controllers and Financial Directors need to master their understanding of written and spoken English within the context of their roles. Whether it is handling major shareholders and investors or addressing the financial media at results time, excellence in English has become an invaluable skill.

Turning Theory into Practice

Key in our series of Specialist Group Programmes, this course encourages participants to share ideas and experiences in order to facilitate the development of communication skills in relevant financial situations and contexts. The programme will be based around the needs of the participants, developing language skills through discussion, role-plays, presentations, vocabulary development, language analysis, negotiation practice all in the context of the core functions of a Finance Professional.

Practical language skills will be developed in the following contexts:

  • Understanding the Vocabulary of International Finance
  • Successfully presenting the business accounts
  • Understanding the framework of the business cycle
  • Describing accurately financial trends
  • Assessing terminology associated with bad debt and debt recovery
  • Analysing the vocabulary of recession and its implications
  • Comparing American vs. British terminology – common mistakes
  • Discussing currency variations and forms of money

Reporting Successfully

  • Understanding the correct use of English within financial reports
  • Drafting emails and letters to reflect financial events
  • Discussing the terminology of takeovers and mergers
  • Examining examples of company reports

Evaluating Case Studies

  • Enron
  • Shell Shock
  • Handling the financial press
  • Discussing Ryan Air and the low cost model
  • Analysing a leading brand
  • The language of the takeover bid

Applying Role Plays

  • Mastering the language of persuasion
  • Expressing strong opinions and recommendations
  • Successfully addressing Risk

Describing Company Performance

  • Comparing Company performance quarter to quarter
  • Describing and presenting company performance to investors and media
  • Successfully addressing the future – financial uncertainty & financial projections
  • Discussing the regulatory environment

Language Development

  • Finance Specific Vocabulary
  • Grammar clinic
  • Complex pronunciation
  • Reading and interpreting the financial press
  • Perfecting the language of lobbying and persuasion
  • Developing effective written English

Benefits to you:

  • Improving your English language skills in a variety of financial contexts
  • Developing your ability to communicate technical financial terminology in English
  • Benchmarking your knowledge with other finance professionals
  • Improving the skill and speed at which you read financial documents
  • Discussing financial case studies
  • Perfecting your skills in presenting financial reports and information in English to be more persuasive and effective
  • Building on your skills in drafting financial letters, emails and reports in English
  • Increasing your confidence when dealing with clients & colleagues in English face-to-face, on the phone or in writing
  • Fast tracking the development in your overall language ability

Who should attend:

Financial professionals working in international consultancies, audit firms or multinational companies, who deal with international clients or discuss financial issues with colleagues in English. Financial professionals responsible for presenting financial information to international investors and the financial press.

Location: London - 5 day course


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