English for International Auditors

Business English for International Auditors

Duration: 5 days Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.15

Location: Linguarama London - Non-residential Hotel and Host Family accommodation available

Address: 101 Finsbury Pavement, London EC2A 1RS

Why should you attend?

The role of the international auditor, internal or external, has never been more important. The ability to communicate successfully in English in order to understand, question, explain, discuss, warn, advise and report effectively is crucially important when you are dealing with colleagues, suppliers or clients.
If you want to express yourself more rapidly, clearly, diplomatically and precisely, the Effective English for Auditors course is for you. Following the recent compliance reforms, the world of auditing has changed rapidly. Recent international corporate scandals and financial failures have highlighted the
importance of the auditing process. To maintain a competitive edge in the current economic downturn, multi-national companies need to:

1.  lower the costs of their operations
2.  deliver greater value to their customers

The global economy is now reliant on English and, to help clients achieve their objectives, auditors need to ensure that they understand written and spoken English and that they can convey their meaning clearly and efficiently.

Turning Theory into Practical Language Skills

One of our successful series of Specialist Group Programmes, this Effective English for Auditors course will boost your ability to understand and participate in discussions and meetings about recent developments in the field of audit. You will be encouraged to share your ideas and experiences of international audit with participants from other countries and countries. The course will be designed around the specific needs and objectives of each group, so that you will extend your range of relevant language. We will develop your language skills for practical use through discussion, role plays, presentations, vocabulary development, language analysis and negotiation practice, all in the context of the core functions of an international auditor.

Areas covered include:

Understanding the Vocabulary of International Audit

  • Auditing Principles
  • International Standards of Auditing
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Reporting
  • Business Risk Management
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Mandatory and Voluntary Disclosure
  • Challenges Facing Auditors in the IT Environment
  • Corporate Governance and Ethical Standards

Reporting Successfully

  • Examining Company Reports
  • Reporting Standards
  • Writing Clear and Concise Audit Reports
  • Drafting Emails and Letters to Advise on Best Practice

Evaluating Case Studies such as;

  • AIG
  • Enron
  • The Parmalat Scandal
  • The Sibir Saga

Applying Role Plays

  • Questioning and Discussing Results and Performance
  • Advising and Warning on Controls and Processing Systems Weaknesses
  • Analysing and Presenting Cost Saving Opportunities
  • Adopting Principles and Tools to Drive Cost Reductions and Process Improvements

Company Performance

  • Describing Company Structure
  • Analysing and Presenting Financial Statements
  • Reporting on Company Performance
  • Measuring Audit Processes against Best Practice

Language Development

  • Audit Specific Vocabulary
  • Grammar Clinic
  • Complex Pronunciation
  • Reading and Interpreting the Financial Press
  • Perfecting the Language of Advising, Warning and Recommending
  • Developing Effective Written English

Benefits to You

  • Improving your English language skills in a variety of audit contexts
  • Developing your ability to use audit terminology in English
  • Benchmarking your knowledge with other auditors
  • Improving the skill and speed with which you read financial documents
  • Discussing and exchanging opinions on audit case studies
  • Perfecting your skills in presenting financial reports and information in English
  • Expressing yourself more persuasively and effectively
  • Building on your skills in drafting financial letters, emails and reports
  • Increasing your confidence when dealing with clients and colleagues
  • Sounding more credible when communicating face-to face, on the phone or in writing
  • Accelerating the development of your overall communicative competence

Who should attend?

Internal or external auditors in multinational companies, audit firms, international consultancies and organisations who deal with international clients or colleagues and who need to communicate more effectively on financial and management issues.

Location: London

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