English for Lawyers

Business English for Lawyers 

Duration: 5 days Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.15

Location: Linguarama London - Non-residential Hotel and Host Family accommodation available

Address: 101 Finsbury Pavement, London EC2A 1RS

Why should you attend?

In today’s globalised marketplace, companies are increasingly working internationally. Exposure to foreign legal systems and legislative processes is becoming commonplace and international lawyers are now required to communicate successfully in English using the appropriate legal language and terminology. Due to the international nature of legal work, a lawyer’s ability to understand and communicate complicated legal processes and legislation in English is an invaluable skill providing a competitive advantage when operating in an international environment.

Turning Theory into Practice

Key in our series of Specialist Group Programmes, this course encourages participants to share ideas and experiences in order to facilitate the development of communication skills in relevant Legal situations and contexts. The programme will be based around the needs of the participants, developing language skills through discussion, roleplays,presentations, vocabulary development, language analysis, negotiation practice all in the context of the core functions of a Legal Professional.

Practical language skills will be developed in the following contexts:

Understanding the International Legal Systems

  • The background of the English legal system
  • Developing presentation skills to present core concepts of your country’s legal system
  • Understanding English terminology within the judicial system

Fundamentals of English in Contracts

  • Understanding the nuances of English in contracts
  • Principles of drafting contracts
  • Applying the appropriate contractual terms
  • Interpreting English legal contracts
  • Using and understanding legal collocations
  • Successfully drafting contract clauses in English
  • Negotiating contract terms in English

Developing English Writing Skills in Documents

  • Applying appropriate English in written letters of advice
  • Mastering the correct functional language
  • Examining forms of advice and recommendation
  • How to maintain consistency
  • Maximising the effect of concise English
  • Recognising the merits of archaic vs modern language

Discussing Case studies

  • Examples of language used in breach of contract
  • Focus on property disputes

Legal Language in Practice

  • Approaching the distribution agreement
  • Actively addressing the property dispute

Examining Authentic Cases

  • Experiencing a visit to Old Bailey or Royal Courts of Justice
  • Conducting active analysis of cases
  • Analysing and debating written judgements

Language Development

  • Correct use of job-specific vocabulary
  • Grammar review
  • Developing your fluency
  • Accurate reading comprehension of case studies & legal drafts

Benefits to you:

  • Improving your English language skills in a variety of legal contexts
  • Developing your ability to communicate technical legal terminology in English
  • Benchmarking your knowledge with other legal professionals
  • Improving the skill and speed at which you read legal documents
  • Discussing case studies and presenting cases in English to be more persuasive and effective
  • Building on your skills in drafting legal letters, contracts and reports in English
  • Increasing your confidence when dealing with clients & colleagues in English face-to-face, on the phone or in writing
  • Fast tracking the development in your overall language ability

Who should attend:

Lawyers working in international law firms or multi-national companies who deal with international clients or discuss legal issues with colleagues in English. Lawyers moving into roles involving work on an international basis.