English for Legal Drafting

Business English for Legal Drafting

Duration: 5 days Monday – Friday 09.15 – 17.15

Location: Linguarama London - Non-residential Hotel and Host Family accommodation available

Address: 101 Finsbury Pavement, London EC2A 1RS

Why should you attend ?

Traditional legal language has developed in such a way that many legal documents are incomprehensible to laymen and sometimes even to qualified lawyers.

There are now, however, moves to reform legal language in order to make legal writing clearer and to make  legal documents more useful to clients and colleagues. Non-lawyers expect to be able to understand what they sign and judges criticise and penalise poor drafting.

This course aims to show that it is possible to express and explain complex ideas and arguments simply and clearly.

Turning Theory into Practice

This course looks at how legal English has developed in the past and at the current efforts to improve and simplify it. It encourages participants to analyse their own written work and helps them to improve their writing in terms of structure, style, grammatical accuracy and choice of vocabulary. The programme will be based around the needs of the participants, through a series of written tasks, with regular feedback and discussion of current trends in legal drafting.

The course will focus on the following areas:

The structure of a typical commercial contract

  • Layout and design
  • Standard clauses
  • Use of bullet points and tabulation Provisos

Punctuation for legal drafting

  • Capital letters
  • Commas, colons and semi-colons

Grammar of contract drafting

  • Standard word order
  • Nouns instead of verbs
  • Use of modal verbs
  • Overuse of the modal verb ‘shall’
  • Prepositions


  • Paragraph and sentence length
  • Negative structures
  • Elegant variation
  • Wordiness and redundancy

Contract Vocabulary

  • Fixed Collocations
  • Differences between American and British English
  • Use of Connectors
  • Antiquated words
  • Common legal pairings
  • Foreign words
  • Legalese and jargon

Benefits to you

  • Improving the speed and skill with which you draft legal documents
  • Making your documents more user-friendly
  • Expanding your range of typical contract vocabulary
  • Benchmarking your knowledge with other  professional lawyers
  • Individual feedback on your specific drafting

Who should attend ?

  • Lawyers from law firms
  • Lawyers from international legal departments
  • Paralegals
  • Legal assistants
  • All those involved in the drafting and amending of legal contracts.

Location -  Linguarama London, in the heart of the City
Duration - 5 days Monday - Friday
Group size - Maximum 6

Please note :
This course can be provided as Individual Training.  A tailored course can also be delivered in–house at your company premises. Please ask for details

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