English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Duration: 5 days Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.15

Location: Cheney Court near Bath, UK - course includes full board accommodation and extensive social programme

Address: Cheney Court, Ditteridge, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 8QF

The Pharmaceutical industry is an increasingly global business. English is the International language for Research and Development, Marketing, Packaging, Sales and Management. The ability to communicate in English in a business context has become an invaluable skill for all levels of management within this global industry.

This course is one of a range of 5-day intensive programmes designed to improve your ability to communicate effectively in English with colleagues, clients and your peer group.

Why should you attend?

The course will encourage participants to share ideas and experience to develop key communication skills in relevant management and business situations within a Pharmaceutical context. The programme will develop language skills through discussion, role-plays, presentations, vocabulary development, language analysis and frequent group and individual feedback. Opportunity will also be given to participate in a discussion forum with other professionals from the same industry.

Methodologies, tools and business processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Developing the language needed in the context of drug discovery and drug development
  • Defining in English the challenges, risk and cost of innovation within the industry
  • Using English to discuss competition between Pharma companies and the advantages and disadvantages of “Me-too” drugs
  • Practising the English needed to discuss good pharmaceutical practice including quality assurance controls, regulatory documentation and audit mechanisms
  • Building language to discuss issues around applying for drug patents and patent protection
  • Using English to discuss pre-clinical and clinical trials and testing
  • Developing vocabulary to discuss mergers,acquisitions and comarketing of drugs and the controversies behind marketing and lobbying of drugs in general

Effective communication

  • Reporting back to colleagues solutions to complex industry issues
  • Introducing yourself, your function within the industry and your projects
  • Language for meetings and negotiations
  • Language for presenting information

Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Identifying the constituent parts of the business
  • Discussing the growth of the industry itself in the developing world
  • Looking at the challenges to the Industry and the image it has in the outside world

Worldwide trends in the Pharmaceutical Market and Industry

  • The impact of the ‘Direct to Pharmacy’ supply chain model on parallel trade, etc.
  • The trend towards biotechnology products
  • The significance and regulation of internet trading in pharmaceutical products
  • The changing role of governments and how to achieve a balance between price and innovation

Managing and working with colleagues at home and across borders

  • Discussing standard operational practice and suggesting corrective action
  • Asking for and giving opinions, finding solutions and managing disagreements
  • Describing a process and getting and requesting information
  • Making suggestions in a meeting and responding to questions
  • Reporting adverse events, asking about implications, giving advice

Language development

  • Grammar clinic
  • Tense review
  • Vocabulary building
  • Fluency development
  • Writing emails
  • Building listening skills

Benefits to you

  • Improving your business English language skills while talking about relevant, challenging topics in your professional area
  • Developing your ability to participate in complex discussions in English
  • Benchmarking your knowledge with other professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Discussing relevant, challenging case studies
  • Increasing your confidence in English
  • Developing language skills in your profession which could be key to career progression

Location: Cheney Court – 5 days residential

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