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Specializované výukové programy a semináře

Cheney Court, Londýn a Stratford-upon-Avon

Specializované skupinové programy umožnují úcastníkum zlepšit své znalosti v konkrétní profesní ci komunikacní oblasti. Téma skupinových diskuzí a plán výuky jsou pripravovány na základe specifických potreb úcastníku a všechny programy soucasne obsahují prvky obecné obchodní anglictiny. Jsou vhodné pro úcastníky z obchodního prostredí, kterí mají zájem o krátký, intenzivní kurz. Pro úcasníky, kterí mají vetší casové možnosti, je tento seminár možné kombinovat s jinými skupinovými ci individuálními programy.


Obchodní jednání & vyjednávání – English for Meetings and Negotiations
  • Analysis and discussion of the procedure of meetings and negotiations
  • Raising awareness of behavioural and cross cultural factors which affect meetings
  • language for participating in a meeting (e.g. giving opinions, clarifying ideas, agreeing and disagreeing)
  • Language for participating in a negotiation (e.g. proposing, bargaining, compromising, negotiation tactics)
  • Diplomatic language

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English for Finance
  • The vocabulary of International Finance - planning, strategy and policy
  • Reporting successfully - financial statements and reports
  • Evaluating case studies
  • Describing company performance
  • Contributing to financial meetings clearly and persuasively

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Prezentace v anglictine – English for Presentations
  • Language of presentations (e.g. introducing yourself and the presentation, linking the presentation, dealing with questions, summarising)
  • Language for making an impact when presenting
  • Analysis and discussion of both presentation skills and presentation language
  • Preparing and presenting visuals
  • Practice presentations using participants’ own authentic materials - with video analysis and feedback

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English for Marketing
  • Marketing-specific topics, e.g. marketing strategy, the marketing mix, the marketing plan, understanding the customer, market research, direct marketing, current trends
  • Language for marketing-related meetings (e.g. measuring effectiveness of marketing strategies and evaluation of them)
  • Presenting marketing information, both verbally and in written form
  • Extension of marketing vocabulary

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English for Corporate Communications
  • Organising and clarifying your message in English
  • Identifying your key audiences and understanding their needs
  • Discussing the elements of a Corporate Communications Strategy
  • Anticipating and handling crisis issues and situations in English
  • Writing Press Releases

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English for Project Management
  • Establishing Project scope and objectives
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Participating effectively in Project meetings 
  • Assessing Projects - Why Projects fail
  • Reporting on Project status

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Anglictina pro sekretárky- English for PAs and Assistants
  • Effective telephoning in English 
  • E-mail and other office correspondence (e.g. memos, formal and informal letters)
  • Dealing with visitors
  • Making arrangements (e.g. for meetings, conferences)
  • Writing and checking presentations

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Anglictina pro právníky – English for Lawyers
  • An overview of the English legal system 
  • Extension of legal vocabulary 
  • Writing skills for letters of advice 
  • Drafting skills for contracts 
  • Functional language for legal meetings and negotiations 
  • Visit to the criminal or civil law courts

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Psaní v anglictine - Writing Skills in English
  • Analysis and discussion of writing skills and the writing process
  • Appropriate grammatical points
  • A model for writing: the 6C ’s - clarity, conciseness, correctness, courtesy, consistency and completeness
  • Spoken language vs. written language
  • Style and tone
  • Developing writing skills for different types of document (e.g. emails, letters, reports)

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Anglictina pro HR - English for Human Resources
  • Human Resources-specific topics: e.g. interviewing, conducting appraisals, training and development, recruitment policy, legal issues for contracts, compensation and benefit, strategic planning
  • Language for Human Resources-related meetings
  • Presenting Human Resources information clearly, both verbally and in written form
  • Extension of Human Resources vocabulary

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English for Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Cost effective and flexible supply chain solutions
  • The challenges of managing international supply chains
  • Planning warehousing solutions
  • Analysing supply chain models
  • Assessing the benefits of third party logistics (3PL)
  • Shared user services to provide flexibility

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English for International Sales and Sales Management
  • The language of sales
  • Cross cultural differences
  • English for sales meetings
  • Dealing with questions, objections and negotiations
  • Agreeing, disagreeing, persuading and influencing
  • Telephone language and skills
  • Sales vocabulary

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English for International Auditors
  • The vocabulary of international audit
  • Successful reporting
  • Evaluating case studies
  • Company performance

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English for Key Account Managers
  • Profiling a Key Account
  • Vocabulary enrichment: commercial, social, man motivation, team building
  • Relationship management – influencing and negotiating with multiple contacts, effective questioning techniques, data analysis and recommendations
  • Communicating effectively with business partners
  • Business simulation case study
  • Critical feedback on accuracy

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English for Purchasing Managers
  • Presenting pivotal aspects of the purchasing process
  • Vocabulary enrichment: purchasing, competition, price, global marketplace, finance
  • Relationship management – effective negotiating, persuading and achieving desired outcomes
  • Forecasting future trends and changes
  • Business simulation case study
  • Critical feedback on accuracy and pronunciation

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English for Effective Networking


  • Increase your confidence and perfect the language needed for making small talk,
    socialising and networking effectively with business associates from all cultures.
  • Learn how to follow up business opportunities in a confident and professional
  • Maximise your opportunities to build relationships by analysing what makes an
    effective networker, from body language and use of voice to language that you use.
  • Share ideas and experiences with other professionals
  • Practise your networking techniques in role-plays with guidance and feedback
    from experienced and qualified business trainers

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English for the Energy, Oil & Gas Industry


  • Improve your English language skills in contexts relevant to your role
  • Develop your ability to communicate information across sectors in English
  • Benchmark your knowledge with other oil and gas industry professionals
  • Discuss oil and gas  industry case studies
  • Build on your skills in presenting technical information in English related to the oil and gas industry
  • Increase your confidence when dealing with clients and colleagues in English
  • Fast track the development in your overall language ability

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English for the Insurance Industry
  • Vocabulary extension for core and specific subject areas in the insurance industry
  • Interactive practice of insurance business communication skills
  • Discussion of current and relevant insurance topics

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English for Professional Telephoning and Emailing
  • Preparing calls, asking for and giving information, handling discussions
  • Analysis and practice of telephone skills
  • Writing effective and convincing emails

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English for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Methodologies, tools and business processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Reporting to colleagues on current industry issues and concerns
  • Identifying constituent parts of the Industry
  • Trends and developments in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Working with international colleagues - cross-cultural aspects

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English for Legal Drafting
  • Improve the speed and skill with which you draft legal documents
  • Make your documents more user-friendly
  • Expand your range of typical contract vocabulary
  • Benchmark your knowledge with other legal professionals
  • Individual feedback on your specific drafting

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English for Chief Financial Officers
  • Improving your English-language performance by building confidence and skills
  • Simulating advanced professional situations, such as Board-level discussions, client negotiations, interviewing
  • Developing and consolidating financial language and terminology common in finance and general management functions
  • Reflecting on, and practising, discussions with internal and external partners
  • Benchmarking your knowledge with other senior professionals

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English for Diplomats and Public Service Officials
  • To be more confident when using English in a diplomatic setting in order to help create a professional representation of your organisation, party or country
  • To develop the language to chair, participate in and conduct meetings and discussions in an international environment
  • To be able to use more appropriate diplomatic language during negotiations, especially when resolving conflict
  • To build on vocabulary used when discussing trade, business, economics, current and foreign affairs
  • To make clearer, more effective speeches and presentations on a wide range of topics
  • To develop language used when socialising and entertaining foreign guests

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