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Individual Business English Language Training

Linguarama's Individual Business Track Programmes were developed following extensive research into learning trends and feedback from our clients. Each participant's Business English language course focuses entirely on their own individual needs and learning style.

Why is it so effective?

  • Prior to the course a detailed Needs Analysis will be carried out in order to assess your training requirements and current level of Professional English.
  • The learning process begins with a Pre-Course Task, enabling you to focus on the language before your course begins.
  • Realistic objectives for your Business English are set at the beginning of the course and progress towards them is continually reviewed.
  • A small team of trainers is responsible for designing and implementing your individual course.
  • You will be fully engaged in learning Business English through a variety of activities, including case studies, role-plays, simulation and grammar exercises.
  • We encourage you to bring authentic materials to make your course as relevant to your professional life as possible.
  • A Personal Learning Plan helps focus on effective learning of Business English
  • Integrated Personal Study develops individual learning strategies and encourages independent learning during and after your course.
  • A Post-Course Task will help you to consolidate the Business and Professional English you have learned.
  • A final Course Report gives clear details of progress made and recommendations for further study.

Linguarama's English Business Track Programmes maximise your potential to learn. They not only prepare you before your course but also help you to develop strategies for continued learning after your course. Your Linguarama training consultant will help you to choose the programme which is right for you.

Linguarama Training Centres

You can take an Individual Course at our UK training centres based in London or Cheney Court near Bath.

London Training Centre, our Business English training centre is in the heart of the city close to St Paul's Cathedral

Cheney Court - Residential Training Centrein a beautiful Manor house close to the City of Bath

Business English Language Training Process

The First Step
An important first step is to call your nearest Linguarama centre to discuss your language needs. Assessing your present level in Business English and advising what programme is best for you is all part of our client care service.

Preparing to Learn
Preparation is the key to effective learning. The first step in this process is to establish your language learning needs and objectives. An experienced Linguarama trainer will carry out a detailed Needs Analysis together with an Assessment Test. This information will be used to develop your individual Course Profile and Pre-Course Task, an activity which will help you to focus on the language before your course begins.

All of these - the Needs Analysis, Assessment Test, Course Profile, and Pre-Course Task, help you to begin the learning process. They also help your trainers to design your individualised programme well before the first day of your Business English course.

Active Learning
A Linguarama Business English Course is carefully planned and taught by a team of experienced trainers. A typical course may contain:

  • development and consolidation of structures
  • training in effective communication
  • activation and expansion of professional vocabulary
  • business skills
  • relevant language skills
  • consolidation of course topics and development of learning strategies in the form of integrated personal study
  • development of a personal learning plan for continued study

During your Business English Course your Linguarama trainers will help you to develop a Personal Learning Plan, a document which contains the language learning strategies which work for you.

Continuing to Learn
Your course will finish with a Progress Check which will help you to assess what you have accomplished and to plan the best way to maintain and extend your language competence. In addition to your Personal Learning Plan, you will receive a Post-Course Task - a follow up activity which will help you to consolidate and develop what you have learnt in your Business English course.

Business Track Course types

  • Power Track - full-time Business English courses from e.g. 09.15 - 17.15 including a working lunch with the trainer. The courses offer maximum exposure to the target language and are the most productive way to achieve rapid results.
  • Fast Track - a full day intensive Business and Professional English programme with time for review and self-study. Course times are from e.g. 09.15 - 16.00 including a 45 minute break.
  • Dual Track - half-day Business and Professional English courses providing more gradual development and allowing you the option to supplement classroom tuition with more extensive self-study or to continue working while doing a Business English course. Course times are flexible, e.g. 08.30 - 12.30; or 13.30 - 17.30.

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Client List

Companies that trust us for their language solutions


  • "The course was well prepared, the teachers were really good with professional and financial backgrounds. 'English for Finance'"
    Lukasz Szarawara, Adamed Sp, Poland
  • "My programme and course was very helpful for me. Everything was well-prepared, and the materials were perfect (I will be keeping all of them as my “treasures”)."
    D.H., Engineer, Seibu Oil, Japan.
  • "My programme was tailored exactly to my individual needs – all my expectations were met completely."
    T.E., Consultant, Bearing Point, Germany.
  • "Content - brilliant!, Resources - perfect! Social Programme - the best!"
    Gavin Sang Keun Yu, Production Manager,Kuala Lumpur
  • "Best language teachers I have ever had"
    J.D., Audit Manager, PWC
  • "The host family was very comfortable, they were friendly and interesting. I had my own bathroom. 'Executive Group Programme'"
    Yoann Vidalenc, Areva France
  • "I was offered a programme that met completely with the requirements and even exceeded my expectations."
    U.G., Member, Italian Parliament.
  • "Very intensive course !"
    M.C., Internal Audit, Unicredit
  • "My teaching programme was very interesting and helpful and contained an interesting variety of different activities."
    G.M., Manager, KH General Insurance, Hungary.
  • "The teaching is very good; they are able to control our discussion and encourage us to speak as much as possible. The feedback is also very useful."
    Y.I., Engineer, Nisshin Engineering, Japan.
  • "Course content had good balance between theory, practice and exercises!"
    T. M., Research & Development, Novozymes
  • ".. informative and detailed, lots of role-plays, very practical. I'll definitely recommend this training to others."
    Joo Myung Hur, Production Manager, Korea
  • "The teachers had a perfect background for the financial course. 'English for Finance'"
    Petra Speidel, Magirus International, Germany
  • "Teachers were perfect, flexible, challenging, giving clear rules and feedback "
    J.J. - Bayer Schering
  • "The teachers are very professional and competent, and they are very helpful for us. Because their teaching styles are very good and varied, lessons were never boring."
    A.A., Chemist, Boehringer Ingleheim, Germany.
  • "Perfectly selected content, tailor-made and individual to my demands. My teacher was experienced, she was a good communicator and perfect at encouraging me. 'Individual programme'"
    Bernd Pompetzki, Commerzbank
  • "Very good, very flexible to meet my needs"
    C.S., Logistics Dept., KLM Cargo
  • "Excellent course content"
    A.J., Manager, Derpart Reisevertrieb
  • "I collected the feedback of our team, which confirmed my valuation of the professional setup of your centre - both highly productive regarding the English training and a lot of fun and entertainment ."
    KC, HR Manager, Austria
  • "The atmosphere is very professional and welcoming, and gives an excellent first impression. It is like my family."
    R.S., Lecturer, Bocconi University
  • "We learned a lot through clever role plays and other situational conversations. This was an excellent way to increase conversational skills and build our confidence"
    T.F., Manager, Nevitel, Slovakia.
  • "The content of the course was varied and interesting. The teaching was open to the different learning styles of the students, and picked up correctly on all our strengths & weaknesses."
    N.W., Manager, GSD, Germany.