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Alicante  is a modern, cosmopolitan city with an Old Quarter which is little known to visitors . Such a place conceals secret charms and surprises; a colourful spot and an oasis of peace where time seems to have stood still. As the capital of Spain's fourth province in terms of population and GDP, and home to the E.U.'s OHIM (Organisation for the Harmonisation of the Internal Market) Alicante is,as you would expect, a dynamic city. Besides this, it is a university town with more than 30,000 students. To meet the leisure demands of the city's population and visitors it also has plenty of leisure spots located in well-defined areas.

Alicante has a great climate, the average temperature throughout the year being 18º and  lives up to its Roman name “ Lucentum” – the City of Light.

Linguarama Alicante is in the heart of the city centre, near the old quarter, principal shopping areas, bars restaurants and the beach.

Various typical attractions include:

The Old Quarter, known as El Barrio
Co-Cathedral of San Nicolás
El Puerto -  boasts magnificent sea views
Postiguet Beach
Santa Bárbara Castle

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