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Learn German with Linguarama

German Language Training Courses ...

... in all Linguarama Training Cenres in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands

Individual Training

We provide tailored one-to-one courses either full time Business Track Programmes or more flexible Development Programmes . These courses will be specific to your language level and the situations in which you need to use the language. They will help you make the most possible progress in the time available.

Group Training

We also run groups for companies who wish to train a number of staff to speak a new language or languages effectively –

Corporate Group Training.

Courses Abroad - Learn German in Germany

In addition to language courses in London we also offer courses at our centres in Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig and Stuttgart – learning the language in the country where it is spoken German in Germany.

Cultural Competence Training

We can also help you develop an understanding of German culture and business practices through our Cultural Competence and Cultural Awareness training Cultural Competence.

Why learn German with Linguarama?
A German Language Training Course with Linguarama will help you to develop your language skills for doing business with your clients, suppliers and colleagues. Our tailor-made German training course will focus on your specific needs, whether you are a beginner needing basic German training or if you already speak the language and need to learn more advanced skills.

We provide German Language Courses relevant to a range of topics including professional, legal, or financial German at our language training schools in London and Cheney Court near Bath.

A Linguarama German language training course will improve your business relations and will help you to participate more actively and with increased confidence in meetings, discussions and negotiations held in German. It will also provide you with more awareness of German speaking cultures and improve your cross-cultural competence.

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. Beside Germany's 83 million inhabitants speaking it as a native language, it is an official language in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein, and is the native language of a significant portion of people in other parts of Europe. It is the third most popular foreign language taught worldwide and the second most popular in Europe and Japan, after English.

Germany has the third largest economy in the world and is the economic powerhouse of the European Union. Germans are world champions in exports and world famous innovators. The competitiveness of their products  are well known, as is Germany’s commitment to research and innovation. Multinational business opportunities exist throughout the Eastern European countries, where German is the second most spoken language after Russian. Furthermore, since English has many words in common with German there are many German words that you will recognise immediately.

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Client List

Companies that trust us for their language solutions

Case Studies


  • "My teaching programme was very interesting and helpful and contained an interesting variety of different activities."
    G.M., Manager, KH General Insurance, Hungary.
  • "Very intensive course !"
    M.C., Internal Audit, Unicredit
  • "The atmosphere is very professional and welcoming, and gives an excellent first impression. It is like my family."
    R.S., Lecturer, Bocconi University
  • "Teachers were perfect, flexible, challenging, giving clear rules and feedback "
    J.J. - Bayer Schering
  • "The course was well prepared, the teachers were really good with professional and financial backgrounds. 'English for Finance'"
    Lukasz Szarawara, Adamed Sp, Poland
  • "The teaching is very good; they are able to control our discussion and encourage us to speak as much as possible. The feedback is also very useful."
    Y.I., Engineer, Nisshin Engineering, Japan.
  • "The teachers are very professional and competent, and they are very helpful for us. Because their teaching styles are very good and varied, lessons were never boring."
    A.A., Chemist, Boehringer Ingleheim, Germany.
  • "I was offered a programme that met completely with the requirements and even exceeded my expectations."
    U.G., Member, Italian Parliament.
  • "Perfectly selected content, tailor-made and individual to my demands. My teacher was experienced, she was a good communicator and perfect at encouraging me. 'Individual programme'"
    Bernd Pompetzki, Commerzbank
  • "My programme was tailored exactly to my individual needs – all my expectations were met completely."
    T.E., Consultant, Bearing Point, Germany.
  • "The content of the course was varied and interesting. The teaching was open to the different learning styles of the students, and picked up correctly on all our strengths & weaknesses."
    N.W., Manager, GSD, Germany.
  • "Course content had good balance between theory, practice and exercises!"
    T. M., Research & Development, Novozymes
  • "My programme and course was very helpful for me. Everything was well-prepared, and the materials were perfect (I will be keeping all of them as my “treasures”)."
    D.H., Engineer, Seibu Oil, Japan.
  • "Best language teachers I have ever had"
    J.D., Audit Manager, PWC
  • "The host family was very comfortable, they were friendly and interesting. I had my own bathroom. 'Executive Group Programme'"
    Yoann Vidalenc, Areva France
  • ".. informative and detailed, lots of role-plays, very practical. I'll definitely recommend this training to others."
    Joo Myung Hur, Production Manager, Korea
  • "Very good, very flexible to meet my needs"
    C.S., Logistics Dept., KLM Cargo
  • "We learned a lot through clever role plays and other situational conversations. This was an excellent way to increase conversational skills and build our confidence"
    T.F., Manager, Nevitel, Slovakia.
  • "Excellent course content"
    A.J., Manager, Derpart Reisevertrieb
  • "Content - brilliant!, Resources - perfect! Social Programme - the best!"
    Gavin Sang Keun Yu, Production Manager,Kuala Lumpur
  • "I collected the feedback of our team, which confirmed my valuation of the professional setup of your centre - both highly productive regarding the English training and a lot of fun and entertainment ."
    KC, HR Manager, Austria
  • "The teachers had a perfect background for the financial course. 'English for Finance'"
    Petra Speidel, Magirus International, Germany