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Specialist Group Programmes

Cheney Court, London, Stratford-upon-Avon

Alle cursussen zijn programma’s van een week. Deelnemers aan deze programma’s dienen te beschikken over een zeker startniveau. Voor aanvang van de training wordt uw startniveau kosteloos vastgesteld. Elke groep bestaat uit max. zes cursisten.

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English for Meetings and Negotiations - Cheney Court
  • Analysis and discussion of the procedure of meetings and negotiations
  • Raising awareness of behavioural and cross cultural factors which affect meetings
  • language for participating in a meeting (e.g. giving opinions, clarifying ideas, agreeing and disagreeing)
  • Language for participating in a negotiation (e.g. proposing, bargaining, compromising, negotiation tactics)
  • Diplomatic language

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English for Finance - Londen
  • The vocabulary of International Finance - planning, strategy and policy
  • Reporting successfully - financial statements and reports
  • Evaluating case studies
  • Describing company performance
  • Contributing to financial meetings clearly and persuasively

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English for Presentations - Cheney Court & Londen
  • Language of presentations (e.g. introducing yourself and the presentation, linking the presentation, dealing with questions, summarising)
  • Language for making an impact when presenting
  • Analysis and discussion of both presentation skills and presentation language
  • Preparing and presenting visuals
  • Practice presentations using participants’ own authentic materials - with video analysis and feedback

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English for Marketing - Cheney Court
  • Marketing-specific topics, e.g. marketing strategy, the marketing mix, the marketing plan, understanding the customer, market research, direct marketing, current trends
  • Language for marketing-related meetings (e.g. measuring effectiveness of marketing strategies and evaluation of them)
  • Presenting marketing information, both verbally and in written form
  • Extension of marketing vocabulary

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English for Corporate Communications - Cheney Court
  • Organising and clarifying your message in English
  • Identifying your key audiences and understanding their needs
  • Discussing the elements of a Corporate Communications Strategy
  • Anticipating and handling crisis issues and situations in English
  • Writing Press Releases

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English for Project Management - Cheney Court
  • Establishing Project scope and objectives
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Participating effectively in Project meetings 
  • Assessing Projects - Why Projects fail
  • Reporting on Project status

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English for Assistants/Secretaries - Londen
  • Effective telephoning in English 
  • E-mail and other office correspondence (e.g. memos, formal and informal letters)
  • Dealing with visitors
  • Making arrangements (e.g. for meetings, conferences)
  • Writing and checking presentations

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English for Lawyers - Londen
  • An overview of the English legal system 
  • Extension of legal vocabulary 
  • Writing skills for letters of advice 
  • Drafting skills for contracts 
  • Functional language for legal meetings and negotiations 
  • Visit to the criminal or civil law courts

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Writing Skills in English - Cheney Court
  • Analysis and discussion of writing skills and the writing process
  • Appropriate grammatical points
  • A model for writing: the 6C ’s - clarity, conciseness, correctness, courtesy, consistency and completeness
  • Spoken language vs. written language
  • Style and tone
  • Developing writing skills for different types of document (e.g. emails, letters, reports)

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English for Human Resources - Cheney Court
  • Human Resources-specific topics: e.g. interviewing, conducting appraisals, training and development, recruitment policy, legal issues for contracts, compensation and benefit, strategic planning
  • Language for Human Resources-related meetings
  • Presenting Human Resources information clearly, both verbally and in written form
  • Extension of Human Resources vocabulary

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English for Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Cost effective and flexible supply chain solutions
  • The challenges of managing international supply chains
  • Planning warehousing solutions
  • Analysing supply chain models
  • Assessing the benefits of third party logistics (3PL)
  • Shared user services to provide flexibility

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English for International Sales and Sales Management - Londen
  • The language of sales
  • Cross cultural differences
  • English for sales meetings
  • Dealing with questions, objections and negotiations
  • Agreeing, disagreeing, persuading and influencing
  • Telephone language and skills
  • Sales vocabulary

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English for International Auditors - Londen
  • The vocabulary of international audit
  • Successful reporting
  • Evaluating case studies
  • Company performance

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English for Key Account Managers - Cheney Court
  • Profiling a Key Account
  • Vocabulary enrichment: commercial, social, man motivation, team building
  • Relationship management – influencing and negotiating with multiple contacts, effective questioning techniques, data analysis and recommendations
  • Communicating effectively with business partners
  • Business simulation case study
  • Critical feedback on accuracy

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English for Purchasing Managers - Londen
  • Presenting pivotal aspects of the purchasing process
  • Vocabulary enrichment: purchasing, competition, price, global marketplace, finance
  • Relationship management – effective negotiating, persuading and achieving desired outcomes
  • Forecasting future trends and changes
  • Business simulation case study
  • Critical feedback on accuracy and pronunciation

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English for Effective Networking - Londen


  • Increase your confidence and perfect the language needed for making small talk,
    socialising and networking effectively with business associates from all cultures.
  • Learn how to follow up business opportunities in a confident and professional
  • Maximise your opportunities to build relationships by analysing what makes an
    effective networker, from body language and use of voice to language that you use.
  • Share ideas and experiences with other professionals
  • Practise your networking techniques in role-plays with guidance and feedback
    from experienced and qualified business trainers

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English for the Energy, Oil & Gas Industry - Londen


  • Improve your English language skills in contexts relevant to your role
  • Develop your ability to communicate information across sectors in English
  • Benchmark your knowledge with other oil and gas industry professionals
  • Discuss oil and gas  industry case studies
  • Build on your skills in presenting technical information in English related to the oil and gas industry
  • Increase your confidence when dealing with clients and colleagues in English
  • Fast track the development in your overall language ability

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English for the Insurance Industry - Londen
  • Vocabulary extension for core and specific subject areas in the insurance industry
  • Interactive practice of insurance business communication skills
  • Discussion of current and relevant insurance topics

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English for Professional Telephoning and Emailing - Londen
  • Preparing calls, asking for and giving information, handling discussions
  • Analysis and practice of telephone skills
  • Writing effective and convincing emails

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English for the Pharmaceutical Industry - Cheney Court
  • Methodologies, tools and business processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Reporting to colleagues on current industry issues and concerns
  • Identifying constituent parts of the Industry
  • Trends and developments in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Working with international colleagues - cross-cultural aspects

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English for Legal Drafting - Londen
  • Improve the speed and skill with which you draft legal documents
  • Make your documents more user-friendly
  • Expand your range of typical contract vocabulary
  • Benchmark your knowledge with other legal professionals
  • Individual feedback on your specific drafting

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English for Chief Financial Officers - Londen
  • Improving your English-language performance by building confidence and skills
  • Simulating advanced professional situations, such as Board-level discussions, client negotiations, interviewing
  • Developing and consolidating financial language and terminology common in finance and general management functions
  • Reflecting on, and practising, discussions with internal and external partners
  • Benchmarking your knowledge with other senior professionals

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English for Diplomats and Public Service Officials - Cheney Court
  • To be more confident when using English in a diplomatic setting in order to help create a professional representation of your organisation, party or country
  • To develop the language to chair, participate in and conduct meetings and discussions in an international environment
  • To be able to use more appropriate diplomatic language during negotiations, especially when resolving conflict
  • To build on vocabulary used when discussing trade, business, economics, current and foreign affairs
  • To make clearer, more effective speeches and presentations on a wide range of topics
  • To develop language used when socialising and entertaining foreign guests

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Enkele van onze recente klanten


  • " Het programma was helemaal aangepast aan mijn individuele behoeften – het voldeed aan al mijn verwachtingen."
    T.E., Consultant, Bearing Point, Duitsland
  • "De trainers hadden de perfecte achtergrond voor het geven van een financiële training."
    "English for Finance" Petra Speidel, Magirus International, Duitsland
  • "Erg goed, en zo flexibel dat het kon worden aangepast aan mijn behoeften."
    C.S., Afdeling Logistiek, KLM Cargo
  • " De sfeer is erg warm en tegelijkertijd professioneel. Het geeft een hele goede eerste indruk. Het voelt als familie."
    R.S., Lector, Bocconi Universiteit
  • "Informatief en gedetailleerd, veel rollenspel, erg praktisch. Ik kan deze training echt aanbevelen."
    Joo Myung Hur, Productie Manager, Korea
  • " De inhoud van de training was goed gekozen, op maat gemaakt voor mijn behoeften. Mijn trainer had ervaring, ze communiceerde duidelijk en kon mij goed motiveren."
    Individueel programma Bernd Pompetzki, Commerzbank
  • "De inhoud van de training van gevarieerd en interessant. De trainer stond open voor de verschillende leerstijlen van de cursisten en kon goed overweg met onze sterke punten en zwakke punten."
    N.W., Manager, GSD, Duitsland
  • "De inhoud van de training had een goede balans tussen theorie, praktijk en oefeningen!"
    T. M., Research & Development, Novozymes
  • "De trainers zijn professioneel en competent en zijn erg behulpzaam. Omdat de verschillende leerstijlen van de trainers goed en gevarieerd waren, waren de lessen nooit saai."
    A.A., Chemicus, Boehringer Ingleheim, Duitsland
  • "De trainers waren perfect, flexibel, uitdagend. Ze gaven duidelijke instructies en goede feedback. "
    J.J. - Bayer Schering
  • "De beste taaltrainers die ik ooit gehad heb. "
    J.D., Audit Manager, PWC
  • "Erg intensieve training!"
    M.C., Internal Audit, Unicredit
  • "De training en het programma hebben mij erg geholpen. Alles was goed voorbereid en de materialen waren uitstekend. Ik zal alles zorgvuldig bewaren."
    D.H., Ingenieur, Seibu Oil, Japan
  • "Ik heb alle feedback van mijn team verzameld en dat bevestigde mijn eigen evaluatie: het is professioneel opgezet – de training is erg productief en ook nog eens erg leuk. "
    KC, HR Manager, Oostenrijk
  • "Mijn trainers waren fantastisch!"
    Power Track Shuji Ezawa, KPMG, Japan
  • "Het programma dat mij geboden werd, voldeed volledig aan mijn eisen en het overtrof zelfs mijn verwachtingen."
    U.G., Lid van het Italiaans Parlement
  • "De inhoud van de training was uitstekend."
    A.J., Manager, Derpart Reisevertrieb
  • " We hebben veel geleerd door de verschillende rollenspellen. Dit was de perfecte manier om onze spreekvaardigheid te verbeteren en ons zelfvertrouwen te laten groeien."
    T.F., Manager, Nevitel, Slowakije
  • "Bijzonder behulpzaam en informatief. "
    Cultural Competence cursus - "Working in India" S.H., KPMG, Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • " De host family was erg comfortabel. Ze waren erg vriendelijk en interessant. Ik had beschikking over mijn eigen badkamer. "
    Executive Group Programme, Yoann Vidalenc, Areva France
  • " De training was goed voorbereid, de trainers waren erg goed en ze hadden een professionele en financiële achtergrond. "
    "English for Finance" Lukasz Szarawara, Adamed Sp, Polen
  • " Het lesgeven was erg goed; de trainers waren in staat om onze discussies goed te leiden en om ons aan te moedigen om zoveel mogelijk te spreken. Daarnaast was de feedback erg nuttig."
    Y.I., Ingenieur, Nisshin Engineering, Japan
  • "Inhoud – Uitstekend! Materiaal – perfect! Sociaal programma – kon niet beter! "
    Gavin Sang Keun Yu, Productie Manager, Kuala Lumpur
  • " De inhoud van mijn training was erg interessant en nuttig. Bovendien bevatte het een interessante variatie aan activiteiten. "
    G.M., Manager, KH General Insurance, Hongarije