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Easily confused words

What's wrong?

Please correct the following sentences:

1. The directors will discuss this matter next week. I'll let you know when they agree to the proposal.
2. He's a so careless driver. He often has accidents.

When or if?

When is used when something is certain to happen.

If is used when it is uncertain whether something will happen or not.


WHEN (certain)

IF (uncertain)

I'll give it to him when I see him.
(I am definitely going to see him)
I'll give it to him if I see him.
(It is uncertain whether I will see him or not)

So or Such?

So is used with adjectives or adverbs.

Such is used with nouns or adjectives and nouns.




The service was so bad that we complained.
We were served so badly that we complained.
Such service is bound to lead to complaints.
We received such bad service that we complained

Each or Every?

Each is used when we talk about people or things separately. Each is used with countable nouns in the singular. Each can also be used without a noun.

Every is used when we talk about people or things as a group. Every is also used with countable nouns in the singular.




Each department has its own secretary.
There are four different designs; each is different / each one is different / each of them is different.
Every member receives a copy of the society's journal.
(Meaning: all the members receive a copy)

Test it out!

Put when, if, so, such, each, every into these sentences.

1. I'll be at the office day next week.
2. I've got a bad headache! I think I'll go to bed.
3. I'm not sure I'll see James tomorrow. I don't know whether he's coming to my meeting.
4. The personnel manager has spoken to of us about the new salary structure.
5. The service in the hotel was bad that I had to make a complaint.
6. Could you start cooking the dinner you get home this evening?

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