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Idiomatic expressions

The English language is rich in idiomatic expressions. Here are some that may be useful to you.

A. Match the words from each column below to make one idiomatic expression.
(The first one is already done for you)

Select one one from each column and then press the "Check answer" button to see if you are right.

(to) keep

a step

(to) put (one's) options losses

(to) take

off on
(to) cut (one's)


(to) write the pressure open

B. Now use the expressions above in the correct form to fill the gaps in the sentences below.

1. There is no way we can recover that money, so we have decided to and make a new start.
2. They have since our last meeting and have made quite a lot of progress with the new building.
3. The bank has decided to . They are not prepared to wait much longer for the repayment of the loan.
4. We haven't yet decided how to invest the money. There are several possibilities. We're at the moment.
5. The bank £ 8 million of bad last year.

Here are some more informal expressions that are often used in business.

C. Match each expression on the left with the correct definition on the right.

a. a person who lives on money from a number of successful business deals


b. fixed assets, especially buildings


c. important Swiss international bankers


d. official paperwork that takes up a lot of time


e. sudden, unexpected profit


f. person who lends money at a very high interest rate


g. money saved over a long period to use in one's old age


There are many helpful dictionaries and workbooks to help you to understand and practise using idioms or you can take a business English course with Linguarama.

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