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Written communication

There are many reasons for writing to clients and colleagues: for instance, to give or ask for information; to give professional advice; to complain or apologise; to make or respond to an offer. In this issue of POSTSCRIPT we look at the standard language of business letters.


Many companies have their own house style which their staff must follow. The points below follow general practice in the UK.

Printed letterhead


Valvorama Ltd

Sender's/ addressee's reference

---» AB/FCW1

Name of addressee (if known)

---» Mr A Balham

Title (if known)

---» Production Manager

Name of company

---» Hi-Tech Systems Ltd


---» 415 Holderness Avenue
London SW17 7TF


---» 12th March 1994


---» Dear Mr Balham

Main body of letter

---» Further to our telephone conversation today, I have pleasure in enclosing the Squeeze valve specification sheet. As I explained to you, this valve is a smaller version of the Gunge valve and has been developed for a range of liquid processing machinery.

If you require any further information concerning our valve, please do not hesitate to contact me.


---» Yours sincerely



Writer's name

---» Frank C Walsh

Writer's position

---» Sales Manager

Enc(s) or Encl(s)

---» Enc

cc indicates that a copy has been given to the person named

---» cc B N Brown

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