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Laying off
Recessions lead to a huge increase in redundancies. Who is selected for redundancy? Are the criteria for selection always the same?

Fill each of the blanks in the following text. Use one word only in each space.

Personnel managers and directors are having change their ideas on how to handle redundancy as their are forced into losing more and more . In a recent UK survey, personnel practitioners asked whether they had made changes the criteria used when selecting people to be laid .

Although no business or industry can have untouched by the recession, only eight per cent of the practitioners that they had made any changes. Those who have are now taking employees' attitudes, attendance and commitment consideration, as well as their ability. Some are being forced use compulsory redundancy for the first time.

In the past, offering redundancy a retirement package was always the preferred option. Now young workers are targeted. More flexible staff are being retained.



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