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Insurance talk

Insurance affects every aspect of our private and working lives. Whatever the type of insurance the basic principles remain the same.

Fill each of the blanks in the following text. Use one word only in each space:

Insurance protects us against the financial consequences of damage or loss to our or other people's property. It also financial compensation for accidental injury or . Insurance can be compulsory, for example, insurance in the UK, or optional, example, holiday insurance. For all types insurance, the insurance company calculates the of risk and fixes a premium. insured person or company agrees to the premium. In return, the insurance guarantees to pay financial compensation if is insured against happens. The details each insurance are contained in the policy. This shows the risks that been insured against and the levels compensation that will be paid. When wishes to make a claim for he or she completes an application and submits it to the insurance . The claim is then considered and then accepted or rejected.


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