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Insurance verbs

Look at the words in this table:

to submit to accept to settle

(a) claim

to make to reject

Use the verbs above to fill the gaps in the sentences below. Put the verbs into the correct form.

1. "Good morning. Claims department. Can I help you?"
"Yes, my name is David Smith. My car was involved in an accident earlier today, and I'd like to a claim on my policy."
2. How long do you think it will take to the claim?
3. I am pleased to tell you your claim has been .
4. You will need to your claim to us within the next three weeks.
5. I am sorry to say your claim has been .

People in insurance

Look these words:

insurance broker policy holder loss adjustor
underwriter third party

Which of the people above is being referred to in each of these sentences?

1. Someone who is employed by an insurance company to value losses and to settle claims.


2. A person or company to whom a legal liability for compensation is owed for loss or injury resulting from a negligent act of someone who is insured.


3. If you wish to take out an insurance policy, you can go either directly to the company or to this person who will advise you about different companies and their policies.


4. A person skilled in the insurance business who has the power to accept risks for the company and to fix rates and conditions of insurance contracts.


5. The insured person who pays the premiums and has the right to claim under a policy.


Word partnerships

professional ----


---- personal

Some words are frequently used with a key business word.

Match each of the "liability" word partnerships with the appropriate definition:

1. provides cover in case a member of the public has an accident.
2. covers a range of possibilities if your business is your livelihood.
3. provides compensation in situations such as death, injury or damage to a third party.
4. means that when an employee has an accident at work, he can claim compensation.

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