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Taking part in negotiations

Negotiation plays an important part in the lives of many business people. In this issue of POSTSCRIPT, we look at the important aspects of negotiation.

Changing attitudes

In the past, negotiation was often regarded as a form of conflict, a kind of battle in which one side "opposes" the other. Attitudes have changed because negotiators began to realise that successful negotiation is dependant on both parties working together to reach a satisfactory solution. Instead of concentrating solely on your interests, you should consider the interests of the other party in order to find common ground. The old type of negotiation (win/lose) is still sometimes used when the relationship between the parties is likely to be short-term, rather than long-term. However, if your negotiation is part of a long-term relationship both parties should feel satisfied at the end of a negotiation. There should not be a winner and a loser, but two winners.

The Stages of Negotiation

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