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The solicitor's job

Fill each of the blanks in the following text. Use one word only in each space.

There are about 40,000 solicitors practising in the UK. They perform a wide variety of including conveyancing, probate, divorce, company commercial matters and general litigation. Some , particularly in city centres, are specialists , for example, on company or maritime . Many others are general practitioners who most work requested by their clients. a person wishes to his house or make a will, he will usually a solicitor. If he wants bring a case to court he usually need a barrister's services. However, will not be able to deal the barrister direct. He must use solicitor who will "instruct the barrister".

is no legal obligation to employ solicitor when carrying out legal work. person can sell his own house, his own will and conduct his divorce. All he needs is time common sense to understand and apply the basic procedures of the law.


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