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Common problems

Adjectives and adverbs

What's wrong?

Please correct the following sentences:

1. The normally procedure is to approach the design department.

2. The exceptional high price reflects the quality of the product.

What are the rules?

A. Adjectives give more information about nouns.


This product is of outstanding quality.

B. Adverbs give more information about verbs.


The new product is selling well.

A. Adverbs also modify adjectives.


It is an extremely attractive product.

Test it out!

Look at the adjectives and adverbs in the box and choose an appropriate word to fill each gap in the sentences.

costly complicated badly
major consistent highly
1. It is a sophisticated music system.
2. It is a very report and difficult to understand.
3. It is important to maintain quality in our products.
4. The prototype was designed and they had to go back to the drawing board.
5. They are going to buy a piece of new machinery but it should be worth the expense.
6. Efficiency is a feature of the new machine.

Compound adjectives

Compound adjectives are formed by joing two or more words together. Many compound adjectives are used in marketing.


top-quality brand-new down-market price-sensitive
up-market cost-effective up-to-date

Use some of the above compound adjectives to fill the gaps in the sentences below:

1. It is an product, designed for people with sophisticated and expensive tastes.
2. The company has recently introduced more methods of production in order to cut down on expenditure.
3. It is a product, there has never been anything like it on the market before.



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