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Market research groupings

Recent trends in market research

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In the past, marketing and advertising decisions were often based on an analysis of socio-economic categories. These are categories which the population is divided. The categories include much money people have and their likely tastes. Nowadays, other sophisticated techniques are used. These are segmenting techniques try to assess consumers' psychological make-up and not their social . The old technique using socio-economic categories not account for the fact that some people very expensive cars, while, at the time, wear very cheap watches. Modern marketers recognize , nowadays, there is often no overall consumer type.

Marketers also to take into account demographic patterns, as the breakdown of the two-parent family and the reduction or growth in certain age .

Many companies keep a database of customers have shown an attachment particular brands. Use of and attitude certain products tell a company more about the customer is thinking than the socio- category to which s/he . After all, certain are bought by people from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds.



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