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What's in a logo?

What attracts customers? Obviously the quality of a product does, but visual images contribute a great deal. It is not only the image provided by the packaging that counts but the whole corporate identity of the company.

There are now many products and services on the market which are similar in content though produced by different companies. It is vital, therefore, for a company to distinguish itself from its competitors by having a strong company image which is immediately recognisable.

Logos are part of this image. They are symbols which often include a name or initials to identify a company. The logo establishes a visual identity for the company, just as different groups of young people express their identity through hairstyles and clothes. All groups from all cultures and throughout the ages have used colours and symbols to show their identity.

In different cultures, different colours carry different meanings. Some colours may be connected with coldness in one culture and with warmth in another; some colours represent life in one culture but death in another. International companies have, therefore, to make sure sure that their logos will not be misunderstood or misinterpreted in different countries.

The logos of large international companies are instantly recognisable throughout the world. One of the most famous logos is that of Coca Cola. The design of the words "Coca Cola" has not changed since 1886, although the surrounding design has been changed from time to time.

Many companies have, over the years, renewed their logos to fit in with contemporary design and to present more powerful images. Company logos can be emotive and can inspire loyalty by influencing the subconscious. Some logos incorporate an idea of the product; the steering wheel in the Mercedes logo, for example, and the aeroplane tail of Alitalia.

Logos are used on letterheads, packaging and brochures as well as on the product itself. They may also appear in newspapers or on television as part of an advertising campaign.

Companies need to have a strong corporate identity. The logo helps to promote this image and to fix it in the minds of the consumers. Logos, therefore, need to be original and to have impact and style.




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