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Word partnerships

Some words are frequently used with a key business word.

Look at these "marketing" word partnerships:


niche segmentation share
leader penetration research

buyers' target
closed open


Market penetration is the extent to which a company gains a share of the market.

A buyer's market is a market in which the supply of goods is plentiful. Buyers can, therefore, influence sellers to compete with one another in forcing down prices.

Which of the other word partnerships will fill the gaps in the following sentences?

1. is the division of the market based on geography, social class and consumer behaviour.
2. A is a small part of a specialised market.
3. A is a country or area which a monopolist has declared to be out of bounds to all producers except himself.
4. is the proportion of the total demand for a product supplied by a particular manufacturer.
5. An is a country or area in which, by agreement, several manufacturers are free to compete with each other in selling their products.




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