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Project Planning Vocabulary

For any project to be successful, it needs to be well planned. The diagram shows the important factors when planning a project. Use the diagram to help you complete the sentences below.

Project planning
1. Our is to increase productivity by 5%.
2. The project will be a with a Russian company.
3. One factor is the exchange rate. If the dollar falls then the project will be more expensive.
4. We will have 10 people on the project with a total of 1000 over the next six months.
5. Our objective is to reduce costs by 3% within two months.
6. One possible problem is a lack of between the companies due to the language barrier.
7. The project finished on time, but unfortunately it went budget.
8. We needed some new hardware, so we drew up a .
9. We want to improve our , so that means more productivity and lower costs.
10. We didn't have the right people so we had to two IT experts.

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