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Common problems
Adverbs of frequency

What's wrong?

Please correct the following sentences:

1. Brysons give never a discount.

2. He usually is on time.

What's the rule?

Adverbs of frequency are usually put before the main verb. Never and usually are frequency adverbs. They tell you how often things are done. Others include:

always normally often sometimes
occasionally rarely scarcely seldom


They sometimes offer reductions.

Before 1991, the company had never made a loss.

When the verb has an auxiliary (or helping) verb (eg to be or to do) as in the second example above, or a modal verb (eg can or must), the frequency adverb usually comes after that verb and before the main verb.


She is always trying to improve her sales figures.

Bonuses can sometimes be very high.

Do you often attend their meetings?



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