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Word partnerships
Some words are frequently used with a key business word.

Look at the words below which can be use with the word "sales", for example: sales potential, sales strategy, sales team.

team campaign strategy


launch figures target

Some of these "word partnerships" can be used to fill the gaps in the sentences below.

Please fill in the gaps. Then make some sentences of your own to help you to remember the partnerships.

1. The company is planning to launch an important sales to promote their latest product.
2. The sales for the last quarter were very encouraging and we made a substantial profit.
3. The sales consists of the sales director, his assistant and ten sales representatives.
4. At the moment, we are conducting market research to find out the product's sales in Germany.
5. The sales director is confident of achieving the sales set last January.

Word pairs

A lot of business words are frequently used in combination with another word. It is useful to learn such combinations.

Can you match the words in column A with the words in column B?

1. Profit
2. Advertising
3. Market
4. Product
5. Head
6. Subsidiary

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