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Meetings with a difference

Video conferencing is changing the way people communicate with one another at work. They now talk to or see colleagues or clients in other towns or countries, without having to leave their own office.

Fill each of the blanks in the following text. Use one word only in each space.

New video conferencing hardware is being designed to help small and medium-sized companies.

The new videophones have smaller screens, they cost less. British Telecom's mini videophone, Presence Videophone, is a desktop unit a 15 centimetre screen, and has retail price of £2,500. As it connected to ISDN digital quality lines, combines the benefits of video conferencing those of an ordinary phone. It a range of special features. For , there is a missed calls log records the numbers of the callers, answering message, plus hands-free and on-screen menus. benefits to the small and medium-sized are clear. These videophones ordinary phone calls into visual experiences, allow meetings to be more productive decisions to be made more . They also allow people to "meet" necessary, and experts can be contacted time, which means big savings travel costs and time. With an increasing number of companies reducing overheads by investing in teleworking projects, such videophones are a highly effective way of linking companies.


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