Online Learning - Linguarama Connect

Linguarama Connect is an online learning resource for Business English self-study which has been  developed specifically for Linguarama clients.  This enables course participants to have access to a wide range of resources to support their:

  • specific learning programme 
  • specific learning focus  as they have identified it

Linguarama Connect provides support when you are :

  • planning a business task eg making a presentation, preparing a negotiation, planning to chair a difficult meeting
  • reflecting on and evaluating your own performance in one of the above tasks
  • developing effective learning strategies which work for you
  • creating email templates for formal or informal communication

Linguarama Connect remembers who you are, what your aims are and recommends relevant further study for you. It will also:

  • store vocabulary which is relevant to you and your work
  • help with looking up vocabulary in a dictionary
  • provide a personalised language learning resource to help you in work situations

Linguarama Connect means participants can continue to study whenever and wherever suits them and gives them access to all the resources they will need for continued progress through self-study.

Take a tour now and then contact us for more information about how we can help you or your company get more out of your learning experience.  Email 

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